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Studies show that craft beer is booming, but the vast majority of Canadians are still drinking and enjoying big beer brands. And why shouldn't they?

Not everyone wants to be a Hoppy Harry who buys $9 double hopped New England style IPA's at the bar or a Stout Sophie who only drinks roasted malt, espresso coconut, 11% beers.

A lot of the time people just want a regular beer, enjoyed after a day in the office or game at the rink. And we are celebrating that with Steady.

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Grabbing beers at the bar with friends is a timeless activity. It's a staple in most people lives when it comes to getting together with friends, colleagues or even a random stranger.

It's what communities have been built on for generations, but all too often the sticker shock during the next morning is a crude reminder of the continuously growing cost of going out in times when we are working to make ends meet. This is exacerbated by the growing trend of expensive craft beer pubs that are driving a significant portion of the population to drink at home with friends as a more affordable option.

With Steady, you always pay the same amount, regardless if it's a liquor store or a pub. So that you can enjoy a night-out with the budget of a night-in.

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