Market Gravity + Deloitte Digital: Co-creando el futuro en Chile


Market Gravity is coming to Chile! I’m currently 30,000ft somewhere over South America ready to kick off a new project to bring our brand of innovation and proposition design to Latin America. 

Over the next 5 weeks, we’ll be bringing our latest Open Innovation effort, named D5, to Santiago to explore how life is changing for younger generations. Over the course of those 5 weeks, for example, we’ll be exploring how more people are living by themselves in Santiago and the impact that has on how people are working, living, shopping, banking, playing, travelling and so on. 

Over those 5 weeks we’ll be sharing our insights and stories along the way to create 5 big propositions that we’ll be publicly sharing that we hope will actually get launched by some of Chile’s biggest brands. So whether you’re a Cencosud, Falabella, Banco Estado, Scotiabank, La Polar, Polla Chilena, LATAM, Lider, VTR, even what it will mean for the property market … we’d like to make some big ideas real together!

We’re doing this for a reason, a couple of months back we realized there is a great opportunity to enhance Deloitte Digital in Chile so working with our friends across Deloitte, we’ll be making this real to show how it’s done, build our network and create something we can be proud of for Latin America. 

So join me and my colleagues, Carlos Escalante, Emily Horrocks, Philippe Soeters, Bianca Santillana, Jorge Rojas, Jaime Morales and Sergio Dubo Fuentes as we say hello to D5 and Market Gravity Chile!

Keep an eye on LinkedIn and our microsite for more details.